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8 Best BodySurfing & Handboading Spots for Spring Break

3 min read

8 Best BodySurfing & Handboading Spots for Spring Break

Spring Break is fast approaching, we've selected some of the world’s best, surf-friendly spots where you can ride waves all day and party all night if that’s your thing.

Here are 8 of the best:

San Diego

For those who are hoping to stay domestic this spring break, San Diego may be just the right spot. The water temperature may be a little cooler with a likely temperature of around 60F, though this is still manageable for most. The spring break surf should also be of good quality on most days, and the social scene to enjoy away from the waves is always on point.

Source: Nserrano


A Central American jewel of the surf world to start things off. Nicaragua is fast gaining one of the best reputations as a premium surf destination all-year long. Getting there may set you back a little more, but it will be well worth it for the conditions you encounter on arrival. Almost every day can be a surfing day, and the water temperature is just perfect at around 80F.

Bali, Indonesia

A little further afield, but an excellent choice nonetheless. If you have a little extra to stretch the budget, this pacific diamond is well worth the price. Known the world over as one of the premium surf destinations to learn and hone your skills, you can experience all levels here in Bali, from beginner to board master.

Imebogan island indonesia

A small island off of Bali circa 2000 lembongan has some gnarly reef and epic waves .

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

In the case of Cabo San Lucas, you can be guaranteed a place which is already a popular destination among spring breakers. This ensures that you have a quality surf and social time whilst there. A huge percentage of days in Cabo are surf-friendly with numerous awesome places to board and a warm water factor all year round.

Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Another Central American wonder, much like Nicaragua, getting there may be a little more expensive, but the conditions more than make up for that. The warm water and variation of surf available, make it ideal for beginners or experts. In the case of beginners,  FinBin is an excellent surf resource where you can learn 30 surfing tips for Spring Break season.  

Puerto Rico

Another for those who would prefer to remain domestic. Puerto Rico has some of the best surf conditions available anywhere. Particularly in Rincon where you are almost guaranteed a surf-friendly day during the spring break time. Combining this surf-friendly situation with an equally friendly social situation and a home away from home in terms of currency, but the feeling of an exotic overseas vacation in cultural terms, PR is surely a win for a surfing spring break.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

This one may not jump out on the list for surfing quite like some of the others, but it still packs a strong punch in terms of what it can offer. Ideally suited to those starting out on the board who want to combine some fun level surf days with awesome beach weather and an ever growing spring break social scene.  

Salina Cruz, Mexico

A final Mexican destination, This is one for the surfing purist who wants to enjoy a spring break with their board and waves. There is a small social scene but the major focus will be on the awesome swell, particularly in that season which will test your skills even as a more experienced boarder.


With some of the most awesome surf destinations to choose from, combined with some of the liveliest nightlife, there really is no excuse not to have the perfect spring break suited exactly to your style from something on this list.

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