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Surf traveling is essentially one of the best ways to travel across the globe. Surfing on the tides of seven seas is a dream for many, but only a few live it.

Surfing may appear as a solo act, but it can be a group activity. An ideally planned surf trip can revive your life, but it all comes down to accommodation.

A majority of travelers do not sleep well while traveling. It primarily occurs because of a bizarre effect called the 'First-Night' effect. But there are many ways to get some decent sleep while you surf travel.

7 ways to ensure a comfortable nights sleep on a surf trip:

1) Surf Camps

Surf Camps are the best way to meet fellow courageous solo surfers. Surf camp's social environment is opportunistic to make new friends and share travel experiences. Many people miss the precious opportunity of socializing. Besides increasing your social network, surf camps provide an accommodation that you can't resist. You can either choose a shared room or a private room depending on your preference. Surf camps provide food, surfing tutorials, surfing equipment, and other services at an affordable price.

2) Couch Surfing

Couch surfing is another way adopted by travelers to get some decent sleep. You may predict couch surfing to be internet surfing sitting on your couch. But in reality, you are welcomed as a guest at other people's house. It is more improvised travel hack used by travelers around the world. The sleeping options can aid any traveler for a very inexpensive cost. Travelers feel comforted by the hospitality, couch surfing is a great way to understand people and their culture.

3) House Sitting

House sitting is a win-win situation where travelers provide free accommodation to other travelers. The house sitting is similar to babysitting where you take care of others house ensuring its security, and maintenance. Instead of getting paid, you can live in it for free. By adopting this travel hack, many travelers save a lot of money on accommodation and for their food. House sitting options offer any traveler to have a great sleep on a surf trip.

4) Surf Road Trips

Surf road trips are for those surf travelers who like a wild off road adventures. In a surf road trip, you can drive all day to remote locations without worrying about accommodation. The surf road trip groups tend to be small where you can blend in the environment interacting with other solo travelers. You can travel around the country for cheap and visit different surfing spots. These trips tend to be short but more exploring. Instead of wasting time on a luxurious hotel suite, you can opt for these surf trips and save time for sleep.

5) Self Catering Apartment

Surfing is one of the hardest and exhausting sports. Not all surfers like socializing or enjoy a road trip after an exhaustive surfing session. But a self-catering apartment could be the reward for your hard work. A Self-catering apartment offers cooking facilities to be availed by an individual. The furniture and other facilities of a self-catering apartment can satisfy any surf traveler. It is a great way to enjoy your sleep cycle on a surf trip.

6) Volunteering

Volunteering for a work program at your favourite travel destination is another way of enjoying your surf trip while earning. Generally, these work programs offer their volunteers' free accommodation and pay them for their work. The volunteering option can also help you to increase your social network as well. These programs let their volunteer work for a specific period and let them enjoy the rest of the day. It sounds one of the ways you can implement to earn and enjoy simultaneously.

7) Loyalty Programs and Travel Points

The reward programs offered by travel agencies to frequent travelers can help to save a lot of money. If you are a traveler who travels frequently, then you can avail such loyalty programs. These programs could save a lot of money on a hotel suite and also offer other facilities like a free breakfast, free room upgrades, etc. It is another effective way to get some decent sleep while surf traveling.

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Katherine Dilworth is a wife, mother and a blogger and she writes on, this blog provides exclusive information on Why do People Snore and Snoring Solutions.

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