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New to the Slyde line-up this summer were ambassador hosted pop-up beach parties. 

We know the core of our business is based on education of the consumer, and giving that immersive handboarding experience.  What better way to 'test the waters' than have our hardcore stoke ambassador share the fun with their friends and family.  Summer of 2017 with the help of Ryan Hansen& Bryce Davis in Huntington Beach California and Spencer Mcgrath & Josh Ball in Ventura we launched pop-up beach parties.

Below is Ryan's recap of the epic day.

What makes Huntington Beach City Beach a fun bodysurfing/handboarding spot?

Huntington Beach  is a fun spot is a great spot for advanced riders, and also for people, who have may have never heard of bodysurfing. Somedays it can be super clean and hollow, and other days it can be small, but fun like we saw at the party.

What were the weather, water, and wave conditions like day of your Slyde beach party? How many people showed up? Who were they... Friends? Family?

The weather on the day of the party started off a little gloomy, but then burned off about halfway into the party. The water was a little chilly I would say but that was only because Huntington Beach was spoiled with 70-72 degree water all summer. The waves were small, but fun and I would say they were ideal because half the crowd that had showed up had never handboarded before.

How many people showed up?

We had a total crowd of 15 people all together but finished with 12 kids.  Most of the people were friends from school that bodysurf.  Also the @Oc_Crew and my sister brought some of her friends, which was super cool because none of them had ever bodysurfed and then when they tried it their faces lit up with stoke every wave they caught.

What were people's initial response to trying a Slyde Handboard for the first time?

Most of the people said that they loved the hardboards and were super interested in the Gromboard because its a great all around board for all conditions and is super affordable. 

What were 3 top highlights from the day?

I think that the top 3 highlights of the day were: 
  1. Definitely watching my sister and her friends explode with stoke on their first wave ever handboarding.
  2. Seeing so many people out in the water and shredding with the boards.
  3. Watching all the party waves

Grom Girls Handboarding Huntington Beach

Slyde Beach Party Huntington Beach

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