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Welcome to Slydefest Australia, fingers crossed the first of many handboarding events on the Gold Coast.

Following on from the popular Slydefest in California, we at Slyde Australia thought there is no better way to show the Gold Coast Community what hand boarding is and how fun it can be for everyone.
Small or tall, young or old, its the best fun the whole family can have together it's easy with a small investment and your having the best time of your life.

So on June the 1st somewhere on the Gold Coast (this is decided the day prior) we are running an individual handboarding event, with a maximum of 48 competitors, from Open Men and Women. Plus we are also including an under 15 division, everyone hits the water together as a combined event and the man, women, and kid to progress the furtherest will be crowned champion of their division, and will be Slydefest Champion 2019.

Yes, the most experienced person can have their heat with a 10 year old and or a lady, so it's everyone together, we are there for each other to watch over and make sure everyone is having fun and is safe.

Entries have started coming in and we are already close to half capacity so it's looking like an exciting day.  NOW don't be scared, this comp is for everyone, not experts or the guns, but for the new to the sport people that want to have fun, entry fee is $50 and with this entry you get a welcome pack and within this pack is sponsors great valued more than your $50 so you walk away after a fun day with some bonus gear. 

We have hand boards available for use, we have swim fins also available so even if you have no gear enter now, we will teach you and you will learn so much from everyone as at the end of the day we promote the sport we love and the sport grows from strength to strength.

We have a qualified professional judge to over see all scores so its all above board, any decisions to be made he makes them! You at worst get two heats in the water and you’re welcome to jump in the expression session so the day will be full of things to do, jump in and have a judge if you want, loads to do! We will have a raffle also with the winner take all and must be there at the presentation to collect their prize :-) the winner must be there or its back on the bag for a re draw.

So click the link below and enter for some fun, I guarantee you will meet some new friends and see everyone's gear and hear from people that have been doing this for years and you will see why its so much fun! Really its easy you lie down kick launch into waves and get whompppped!

We would like to thank our sponsors so far, Slyde handboards of course, Keel Downunder, We are Feel good inc Sunscreen, DMC Fins, Adelio Wetsuits, Spy Sunglasses, Surf FX Surf shop and DaFin Swim Fins Hawaii.

Everything you need to know is in HERE!

Slyde Handboards Competition Australia

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