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Stay Fit: Diet For Bodysurfing & Handboarding A Slyde Handboards Guest Post

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Stay Fit Diet For Bodysurfing & Handboarding A Slyde Handboards Guest Post

Bodysurfers and handboarders are athletes. You need strong arms, strong legs and a core strength, order to excel at either of these sports.

In addition to that, honing in on a strong cardiovascular system is of key importance. While strength is important in the sport, so is flexibility. Flexibility plays a damage-control role. Those individuals who are more flexible are less likely to get injured during wipeouts.

When handboarding, the ease of the sport and the travel friendly component, are attracting attention from millennials around the world. And thus, their popularity is soaring.

For any person who is serious about getting into bodysurfing, fitness is necessary. Working out or going to the gym alone doesn’t guarantee fitness. Athletes who are serious about getting fit make alterations to their diet. And, so goes the same for serious bodysurfers and handboarders.

Bodysurfers and Handboarders Diet

People who go to the gym must know a thing or two about the importance of one’s diet to their personal gains. Bodysurfers and handboarders have to follow a very simple diet. The objective of following a diet is to just stay healthy and fit. All the food that you eat should contribute to the energy levels of your body. Avoid eating food that takes a lot of time to get digested. Keeping that in mind, avoid eating processed food.

In short, your diet must primarily consist of energy rich foods that get processed quickly by the body’s digestive system. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians cannot follow the same diet.

Hence, for the purpose of convenience, we have divided energy-rich foods into two categories: vegetarian foods and non-vegetarian food.

Energy Rich Vegetarian Food

  1. Quinoa:Rich in amino acids and protein, it’s the perfect energy-boosting food for vegetarians that’s ideally to be taken during mid-day meals. Interesting fact: Out of all the food grains in the world, quinoa contains the most amount of protein.
  2. Lentils:Energy rich and economical, their high-fiber content helps to neutralize blood sugar levels thereby keeping the body energized for long periods of time.
  3. Beans: Like lentils, beans too help steady the blood sugar levels. Being rich in carbohydrates, they have an energizing effect on one’s body and brains.
  4. Yogurt:Tasty and nutritious, yogurt is a great energy source on account of its high-quality protein. The best part about yogurt is that it fills you up and feels like a mini-meal.
  5. Oranges:Rich in Vitamin C, oranges have a very uplifting effect on one’s energy levels within 2 hours of consumption. In fact, it’s not just oranges. All fruits rich in Vitamin C have a similar effect. That’s precisely why you see most energy drinks orange and lemon flavored.
  6. Almonds: All nuts are energy rich foods, but none more than almonds. Almonds are rich in many nutrients, especially magnesium and Vitamin B, both of which help convert food into energy quickly.

Energy Rich Non-Vegetarian Food

  1. Tuna: Rich in protein and Vitamin B, it’s one of the most nutrient rich fish in the world. People who are trying to lose weight can also include it in their diet.
  2. Eggs: Highly rich in protein and a number of useful fatty acids, for non-vegetarians it’s the perfect breakfast meal. It helps keep one energized throughout the day and prevents one from overeating.
  3. Salmon: Rich in protein, Omega 3 fatty acids and fats, salmon is highly nutritional food that has many health benefits. It’s perfect for those people who want to lose weight. While being an energy rich food source, it’s extremely healthy for one’s brain and cardiovascular system too.

To conclude, all serious bodysurfers and handboarders have to follow a strict energy-rich diet. This doesn’t mean that you have to eat bland and tasteless food. There are tons of ways that you can take it up a notch and enjoy your meals. All you have to remember is to be motivated constantly and make efforts to stick to this diet initially. It’ll all be much easier once you are habitual. Moreover, it’ll be totally worth it when you’re in the ocean and experience the results! 


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Mitravinda is a Nutritionist at DietChart with a doctoral degree in Food Science and Nutrition. She is a teacher, researcher and an author. Her passion for the subject prompted her to start writing blogs on various nutrition-related topics such as diet chart for weight loss, diet chart for weight loss in 7 days, Yoga poses for weight loss etc. Through her blogs, she wishes to help people gain a deeper understanding about the relationship between food, nutrition, lifestyle and health.

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