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Slyde is a Lifestyle full of Salt, Sand, and Sun.
For us life really is a beach, and we're all aboutPlaying,Exploring, andDiscovering the best products to keepYOU stoked seaside.

Pismo Cooler Backpack

Why carry 2 bags when all you need could be combined in 1?
This isn't a mathematical equation it's called efficiency at it's finest. 
The Pismo  an insulated cooler/backpack combo keeps your beverages and PB&J's refrigerator fresh in a thermoguard insulated bottom section.  While the top half is designed like a traditional backpack, with an easy to access deep pocket.  Towels, Cellphones, Sunscreen ride high and dry, while your super market goodies stay delicious.

Tech Candy Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Tune out screaming sea-gulls and tune into "music that'll move ya" with Tech Candy.
A speaker as small as it is stylish, and with sound so rich you'll think you're chillin at an outdoor amphitheater.  Specs include: Built in USB Charger, 5 Hours of Playback Time, 30 foot wireless range, twist volume control, and speakerphone option, all at a consumer friendly price point.  


Da Fins Swim Fins

Loved by lifeguards as the official swim fin of the United States Lifesaving Association. Da Finsdelivers comfort to your feet and speed your ocean swims.  Lightweight, portable, and available in a variety of stylish colors.  Da-Fins win in the fun and functional department. 

Snappy Towels

It's a known fact all beach towels were not created equal. There's no bigger bummer than wanting to dry off after a salty adventure, and your towel has zero adsorption.
Stop feeling like a wet dog and grab a Snappy Towel.  A uniquely textured microfiber towel, with an extra soft touch and quick-dry capabilities. Plus it actually SNAPS around you.  Turn your kids into a beach super-hero in seconds or easily change out of your wet clothes with no fear of indecent exposure.

Use coupon code SLYDE15 for 15% any order between now and 9/5/16  

Slyde Handboards Carbon Fiber Wedge

Probably the most advanced handboard on planet. Need we say more?!
We'll let our customers speak for us about this hyper stealthhandboard.
"The best handboard ever.  I bought this for my husband, he's very happy with it, like a child with his first toy. He now wants to be at the beach everyday." Madeleine B

Swell Vision Bamboo Sunglasses

The Swell Vision brand is all about leaving the world a better place then we found it. And perhaps looking stylish in the process. Each pair of Swell Vision shades is handcrafted from sustainably harvest Mao bamboo wood, while every purchase supports local scholars of Green School.  Being waterproof and designed for flotation, these shades were made summer days by the pool or at the ocean.



Any brand that has cool in their name is inevitably cool in our book.  CoolCabanasmakes the hottest beach day enjoyable with a smart design and easy to use set up. 
With more coverage than 2times your average beach umbrella, and extra points for style, all you need is cabana boy for the ultimate beach day in the shade.

Slyde on to an Endless Summer Beach Lovers!!

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