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The Grom handboard was a complete rethink, taking careful consideration into design, shape, the ideal rider.

The Shaping of the Grom

As a company we're highly in tune our customers andcommunity of ambassadors. 
Over the last 7+ years in creating the handboarding market, we've come to realize that, although there's need for the high-end performance driven shapes, like Sean Enoka's Bula board, the market was evolving.

As the market started to grow, a gap starting to form. People were starting to wake up to how much fun the sport is and really want to try it, but the cost was prohibitive and the materials and shapes seemed above their ability.

Through that realization, we knew we needed a less intimidating, more fun looking and feeling board. Something that anybody, no matter their ability or skill level could get into. A board that performed amazingly and was made with bump friendly materials, that any parent would approve of.

The Grom Rider

We also thought very long and hard about why we do what we do, and apart from the obvious that what we do is just fun, we also have a deep dedication to creating an “all inclusive community”.  

We wanted this board to tell a story that the ocean is open to everyone, that you don’t need to be dropping in at pipeline or the wedge to have fun.

We truly believe the more people that get to experience the ocean in a fun and enjoyable way, the better because in the end it's really just about fun.

That being said although the Grom was designed with the beginner in mind, there's no stopping anyone from going out and getting bombs. Even Pipeline pros like Sean Enoka of Hawaii are stoked on it: 

"TheGROM boardis a very nice compliment to what Slyde has in its stable. Perfect blend of soft foam and functional shape excellent fun-board. Something that I'm not worried will take out a tooth, but can give a big boost of lift & speed. Looking to get some massive womp sessions. I got really good waves out at sunset. Super long rides on good sized 4-5ft sunset. Got a bunch of comments from tourists”

The Future of Waveriding 

The Grom board, opens up an entirely new market of riders that were gun shy for either the price or the idea that the handboards are too “pro” for their ability.

The lower price and great quality of the Grom, becomes a perfect entry level for someone regardless of their skill. Allowing everyone to try it and see if they like it. Perhaps ride it for a year, and then graduate to one of the more performance orientated boards.

From the start of Slyde way back in 2010, and even on the first ride on the first prototypes, I got out the water and knew that all someone needed was to try it and they would be hooked.

The Slyde stoke has happened a lot already, just take a look at our instagram and facebook community images/videos #Slydehandboards and you can see how much fun it is.

We’re beyond stoked to bring this board to life with your support on Kickstarter

Reserve your Grom board HERE & prepare for an epic summer 2017.


The Grom Board: The Shape. The Rider & The Future of Waveriding

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