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Easton Powell is born and raised in San Diego, California. The ocean is one of Southern California’s greatest resource, influencing and inspiring his life in variety of ways.

“The ocean has deeply impacted my life to see the world as not something to take advantage of but to coexist with. The beauty and strength it gives is not to take but to merely view and use.

I like to live by the Native American Indian quote ‘The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth.’

Calling Nature

The pattern of the waves is like a sweet melody orchestrated by nature itself. Every swell rolling in has its unique beauty, yet resembles the one prior. The waves may remain unridden or packed, yet the beauty they portray will last forever.

The under tow pulls in even the friendliest of mammals. Setting your toes in the water puts you at the mercy of the sea. The power drags you down, not in a way of an enemy going in for the kill, more of a power that whispers to men and encourages them to co-exist with the waves and their endless power.

Coexistence with the ocean is one of the greatest powers available in the hands of mere mortals. Time and time again the water purges your soul and in essence cleanses it. All worries and nagging responsibilities seem to fade just as the passing wave did. Whether it be surfing that wave on a board or just your body, you can feel the utter elegance of that power beneath you.

It’s true, the ocean cannot be killed or tamed, only harnessed. For the select few that is the ultimate goal. To harness that beauty to create a sensation of pure genuine joy, to get stoked.

Although I am young in my days and haven't seen even a third of the real world, I have gained knowledge beyond my years, and knowledge of the seas. I’m in tune with the ocean andhave the desire to wake up before the sun reaches the porch and drive to the waves. A true commitment to the ocean.

To grab a couple buddies and surf our brains out and then drive to a local food spot and gawk and brag about the waves we shared and ones passed, is priceless. In a generation of kids and adults, where our lives are altered by the screen in front of our eyes, it's important to find those moments with no technology in sight.

Nature is the true addiction and deep inside every person is that calling. It's human nature! The Ocean can bring back our roots one at a time, instead of frying them away on Facebook and YouTube. Although, I sit here writing this piece on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge while listening to music on my wireless headphones, it's incredible.

Technology is a great thing don't get me wrong, I simply invite you to explore the possibilities of even greater world that exists beyond you cellphone screen.

Thank you to Easton for inspiring perspective and contribution. 
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The Grom Tales: “Calling Nature”  by Slyde Guest Blogger Easton Powell

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