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Getting gifts for a loved one can be quite a task as we would all hate getting someone a gift that they only cherish in our presence then lock it away for ages.

Particularly, purchasing that surfer gift to whom surfing is not just a sport but a lifestyle, can be quite a dilemma. Little else matters to bodysurfers than sand, salt, and sea.

With the ultimate guide below, you can rest assured that you will get her a gift that comfortably fits your budget and melts her heart.

1. Surfboard or Handboard

You can never go wrong with getting her a quality surfboard. When purchasing a surfboard, it is best if you buy from a surf shop as compared to the internet. This is because you get the chance for consultations with the seller and examine the options. Ensure you stick to quality by looking for any surface imperfections such as dings that may have come up during storage. What's more, is that should there be local shapers around, you can have a board shaped to the taste of your surfer girl. A personalized surfboard tailored to her needs would be awesome. A handboard is a mini surfboard suitable for the lady that majors on bodysurfing. It will enable her to ride the waves faster and for longer; you can get such handboards from, which guarantees to plant a smile across her face.

2. Wetsuit

Surprise her with a wetsuit, and she will be utterly grateful. A quality wetsuit will have her looking great as well as keeping warm, remember that a wetsuit turns to a second skin when surfing. Get her a thick wetsuit if she bodysurfs in cold waters for proper insulation of her body. Also, ensure you get her the right size as a loose wetsuit will let in water thus not keep her warm. A tight one, on the other hand, will cause discomfort and restrict her movements. A wetsuit for a conservative girl surfer is particularly a great gift even for warm waters as it keeps her covered up.

3. Swimsuit

Pick a great swimsuit for her, which blends fashion and function. Avoid getting her a swimsuit made of delicate materials, no matter how attractive, as rough waves easily damage them. The size and design of the swimsuit are of the utmost importance when purchasing one. A swimsuit is a daring outfit, therefore, be sure that the surf girl is confident enough to wear one. Ensure it fits properly to avoid those embarrassing moments when it may just fall off or have too much of her bust exposed. Try getting her a full piece swimsuit with thick straps or even long sleeves for protection against the sun. Study shows there are many skin risks likely to hit surfers.

4. Surf Backpack

A waterproof surf backpack is a perfect gift. There is a wide variety of surf packs, some with the capability to hold up to 3 surfboards. Having a surf pack will keep her swimsuits and wetsuits separate from the bag's other dry components. Being a surf pack, it has a separate compartment for storing the wet swimsuits or wetsuits; thus, it does not get soaked. She will have space to carry stuff food, shells or water bottles and other items into the bag.

5. Surf holiday gift voucher

This is simply an amazing way to crown that surf girl. This will enable her to visit new places and experience new waves. It is a way of giving her time to work on her skills at new places. This thoughtful gift will also create long-lasting memories in her mind of her experiences. To cap it all, you can get her a scratch off world map which allows her to trace unique places she has visited. This will be a great gift for tracing memories.

6. Changing Robe

A changing robe will save her from that awkward dress dance trying to dress on a crowded beach. It will save her the trouble of driving home in her wetsuit as it offers her the opportunity to dress while covered. It also keeps her warm from those chilly ocean breezes.

7. A cotton beach towel

For the surfer girl, surfing is more of a life routine. This means that most of her free time is spent surfing. Why not get her a gift that ensures she is dry once out of water? Get her a quality cotton towel that will not fade in the hot sunlight. Also, be careful as you pick a color as the salty water easily causes discoloration of clothes. Ensure the texture of the towel is also soft so that it feels nice against her body.

 8. Smart surf and tide watch

This is a great accessory for any surfer. Surf watches tell time, as well as measure the water movement. Through a tide watch, she will get updates on tides, thus saving her from wasted trips to the beach only to experience unfriendly tides. With inventions, surf watches that show the patterns the tides are likely to follow while falling and rising are also available.

9. Earplugs

Professional surfers recommend the use of earplugs in the water to safeguard your ears. Study shows that between 26% to 73% surfers experience surfer's ear. It is commonly known as swimmer's ear. This is a condition where exostoses (multiple bony growths) develop within the bone of the ear canal. Continuous exposure to wind and cold water are the causes of surfer's ear. This is quite a wise consideration for her safety.

10. Waterproof surf camera

What's better than helping that surfer girl create her best memories by taking epic photos and recording classic videos? From capturing crashing waves to spectacular sunsets, such a camera would put a smile across her face. Footage obtained is both useful for memory preservation as well as reviewing purposes. By watching video replays, she will be able to site areas where she will need improvement.


Whatever gift you decide to pick for her, ensure you get one that facilitates her way of life in surfing. There's a present that will perfectly match her style. All you have to do is be keen enough to observe her style. Also, purchasing from a reliable surf shop is advisable in cases where these gifts fail, for example, camera failure so that you return them.

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