September 28, 2018 1 min read

There will days that go down in history, and then there will be days that simply make history. URT Womp 2018 was an epic combination of both.

After 1 year hiatus, on Sunday September 16th the URT Womp returned to Coronado Island, California, and delivered some amazing memories.

This year was the 8th annual URT Womp and deemed "the best ever" thanks to mother nature bringing some "late summer southern locomotive swell." 

Over 100 competitorsacross 4 divisions rolled out to hit the massive surf and support One More Wave a non-profit that provides wounded & disabled veterans with customized surfing equipment. 

Sunday’s event raised  $3,000 for One More Wave, and the Womp was REAL with 4-6 foot close outs pumping thru.

“Womp is basically the feeling you get when you’re thrashed around in the water like a washing machine,” said event organizer Ian Urtnowski. “It creates this womp, womp, womp.” “There’s something to be said about being rag-dolled, but also in control of the situation,” he added. “It’s all about comfort and chaos.”

There were plenty of oooohs and ahhhs from the crowd through out the day.  Slyde Team Rider Kevin Welsh even scored a front page feature in the local newspaper with his impressive bodysurfing drop "riding a wave of help for wounded Vets."

Bodysurfer in California Newspaper

Check Out URT Womp Recap Video Click HERE ⬅️

URT Womp 2018




Michelle Michalak
Michelle Michalak

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