by Michelle Michalak September 25, 2018

Yeww Whomp off Australia took place on Sept 15 at North Cronulla Beach.

The event drew 120 Bodysurf teams members from 3 countries and 16 regional areas. 

"My goal was to create an event that not only brought people with a shared passion together but also was fully inclusive and catered for bodysurfers from all demographics,” said founder and main sponsor Rikki Gilbey of Waw.

The swell was rather non-existent, but that didn't stop the fun. Entertaining heats like tricks, length of ride, individual rides and the famous beach fin sprint relay, kept all eyes on the beach. Where unfortunately, the fin race took Daniel Carr's aka @Captain_Kookman's calf muscle for wild ride.

In a unique event twist, competitors bodysurf as a team, with results being averaged out into an overall  score.  

"Being a teams event, Whomp Off Australia is the catalyst for the emergence of Australian bodysurfing club culture. It was awesome to see the unique spirit, sense of humor and style that each club brought to the event" Said MC Belly Slater

After 6 hours of battling it out in very small but clean conditions, one team was crowned Whomp of Australia champions, DaFin Hawaii. A talented pool of bodysurfers from Oahu, who continue to push the sport & art of Kaha Nalu forward.

"We geek out hard over videos of the Hawaiians on Instagram. It was a massive thrill to see Kealii, Kanealii, Dane, Wyhaat and Cunningbrah do what they do best up close and in real time. They’re also just a terrific bunch of blokes." Belly Slater 

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Whomp off Australia DaFin

Michelle Michalak
Michelle Michalak

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