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Welcome to part 2 of the Oc_Crew series, an all access pass to 15 year old bodysurfing grom Augie Cunningham from Costa Mesa California.

So tell me a little bit about yourself, about your passions, your surfing life, where you grew up from:

I pretty much grew up in this area, around Costa Mesa. I've been surfing since I was like six. I first learned how to surf in Costa Rica. I first stood up on a surfboard in Costa Rica, which was pretty cool, and just been body surfing and surfing ever since. I figured out I love the ocean and I'm sticking with it, so...

Do you have family? Brothers and sisters?

Just my mom and dad. My mom and dad have been very influential and pushing me into surfing. Not like pushing me, but supporting me, I guess.

Are they surfers themselves?

My dad is. My mom kinda did, but my dad's more the surfer.

How did you meet your friends and your crew?

I first met Dylan and Michael from moving in, basically right down the street from them, didn't even know them, and then first met them and then just kinda developed our passion for the oceans together. Then I met Chapin and Joey through Dylan and Michael.

What's special about this crew?

I think it's special because, it's just like, it's not serious, it's just for fun. It's just kinda nice to have friends to always be able to go and surf with and just hang out with. It's just kinda like a family extension.

What are your local watering holes? Food? Places to hang out? Surf spots?

El Ranchito is pretty great, down the street from us, Tacos. We usually surf in HB when it's either not that great or good and then we'll go and look at Laguna sometimes, and pretty much everywhere else. Yeah.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I kinda want to be a marine biologist, if I could. I'm going to try to. As hard as I can.

Who are your biggest supporters and people that you're most inspired by?

I think my biggest supporters would be my mom and dad and just having them behind me is always great. And then probably one of my idols would be Mark Cunningham

What are some of your passions and other hobbies and things that you love?

I would say photography, kind of, sort of, kind of getting into photography. And just kinda learning about how stuff works. Like biology. Like how animals live, it's kinda cool.

What are you doing when you're not surfing?

Probably sleeping. Eating. Watching TV.

 How does surfing affect other parts of your life? The good, the bad?

I feel like surfing affects other parts of my life by kinda running my life in the way that it does. And I always want to surf. I never don't want to surf, it's the most certain thing in my life. I'm always going to want to surf, I'm never gonna not want to surf.

 Do you think it's ever a negative?

I don't think it's ever going to be a negative. I think, and especially the way surfing's going, it's just getting better and better....

You are a younger generation bringing this body surfing culture in. Where do you see body surfing going or where do you see it taking you?

I see body surfing getting bigger, especially the way Slyde has been developing, and everybody else. I kinda like the evolvement, but at the same time I like the way body surfing is just kinda like underground and mellow. That's why I like doing it so much is because it's just, it's fun and not everybody does it and it's not popular.

You've obviously traveled to Costa Rica. Where else  have you traveled to? And then where do you want to go?

The only place I've traveled out of the U.S. has been Costa Rica, and then I really want to travel to Indonesia someday and Tahiti and seriously just run away for a month and go surf.

First time you touched the ocean?

I don't know, before I could walk, probably. Super young, like two.

Did your parents always live here?

They lived in the general area. They first moved from Anaheim before I was born and they came down here and they lived in Costa Mesa, and we kinda moved around but we mostly stayed in Costa Mesa.

The best advice you've ever gotten?

Stick with what you love. Don't let anybody else change it.

 Any parting words?

 Just have fun, stay stoked. Do what you love. Don't let anybody else run your life.

Find out what Augie has to say about the Bula Enoka Handboard>>>

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