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Southern California's gnarliest wave, The Wedge, drops into local box office success.

"Dirty Old Wedge" epically delivers a story that will pull at your heartstrings, and give you a serious adrenaline rush all in one. 

The once Kickstarter funded movie,  tells the story of the world's most infamous shorebreak.  Stealing the limelight,  the film sold out 5 screening, to become the biggest ticket seller in NBFF's 17year history.  

The SlydeTeamwas fortunate enough to catch the 4th sold out screening at a 1930's movie house, Lido Theaterin Newport Beach.

The 62minute documentary's main POV (point of view) is the Wedge Crew bodysurfers, while sharing the history of the Wedge, from its creation in the 1930's to modern day Hurricane Marie goodness.

“It’s a story of people, and their passion for something that is a little less ordinary, these guys who literally made their lives around Wedge.” said  Producer & Director Tim Burnham

The Wedge, has been called a mutant wave,  a man-made mistake, blessing, and beast. There's no denying it, the unique wave is a hometown hero, and staple in the Newport Beach community. As seen in the extremely mixed crowd of movie goers.  From groms to 80 year old couples, the film drew in the curious alongside the passionate Wedge enthusiasts.  

That being said, the mythical Wedge wave and culture may have drawn the crowd into the theater, but it's the epic video footage, archival photos, and supreme storytelling with in the movie, that continued to sell out crowds night after night.   

As a person who has little attention for movies, and typically finds they're too much of a commitment, I could easily see myself owning the DVD and having it on loop. And with each view, picking up on something else awesome and perviously unnoticed. 

That being said, I highly encourage seeing this film on the big screen if you have the opportunity "Dirty Old Wedge" next stop is fifth annual San Diego Surf Film Festival,which opens May 18.

"We plan on continuing to submit to film festivals all over the country and world and hope to show the film in as many places as possible," says Burnham 

Here's a little wave tease to get you amped! 

dirty old wedge
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