July 28, 2017 1 min read

Standup Paddleboarding aka SUP is taking over the water ways.  From the ocean to rivers to lakes and even ponds, I doubt you'll find a waterway that doesn't have some serious SUP action taking place.

6 Reasons Why If You SUP You Should SLYDE

    1. You're an adventurous waterman or woman. Being landlocked results in unhappiness,  unease, and bouts of spontaneous wanderlust. For you extreme euphoria is as simple as just adding water.
    2. You have limited time to learn something completely new. Handplanes are so simple to master it doesn't matter what age or skill level you are.  You will have the time of your life, even your first time out.
    3. You're all about the total bodywork, and Crossfit just isn't your style.  Handboarding delivers a mix of cardio, strengthening training,  and excellent combination of upper and lower body muscle toning. Be warned handboarding may result in serious shredding.
    4.  You're money conscious.  Unlike an expensive hobby like polo or golf,  handboarding is easy on the pocketbook, and requires no continuous monetary investment. 
    5.  You've had enough loading, packing, and carrying your Standup Paddleboard. It's time to travel-light.  Weighing in at a mere 650grams, a Slyde Handboard, is small enough for even a cat to carry (although we don't advise doing so).
    6. You recognize that experiencing the water from a different perspective, only enhances your stoke.  New water adventures breed a great capacity to smile bigger and embrace epic 
Michelle Michalak
Michelle Michalak

Michelle's diploma reads BA Psychology with a minor in English, and her license plate reads #CaliforniaDreaming4Life. She begin her career in the NYC fashion industry working with fashion and internet pioneer, Bluefly.com However, due the constant "nagging" of her entrepreneurial spirit, her crush on surfing, and hardcore love for the ocean, she chosen to call San Diego home for the past 10 years. On the west coast she 's chased waves & enlightenment working alongside "Gurus" in the online marketing & personal development industries. It in May 2012 she found her true Zen & Stoke, and joined the Slyde Handboards Team.