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Body Surfing is a lifestyle that at times defines a person. Some surfers deliberately move to the ocean to make teaching water-sports to others as their profession.

When choosing a body surf coach there will be a lot of choices, so please choose carefully. How can you choose the right professional and find the right surfing fitness training?

Look for a Trainer Only on Verified Websites

You will not ask a surgeon for an operation if you know nothing about him. Or, if you are a student, you are also probably choosing only the Best Writers Online on the Online Writers Rating, custom writing reviews platform to make sure that your academic tasks will be done well. Choosing a trainer is a very crucial moment, so you should look for him/her on well-known websites with large and active communities.

Feel Free to Ask About Certificates

Be sure to pay attention to whether the school or the person you are going to hire has the required certificates. Surfing trainers should not only have a certificate that they can surf, but also a document confirming that they have the right to teach other people. They should also be lifeguards. If a school or a person does not have a lifeguard certificate that is renewed every two years, then their instructor’s activity is not legal.

Make sure to check the social profiles of your future coach. Every professional and hobbyist has a couple of videos with his rides on the waves. So you can assess the qualities of a person and see what you will learn very soon. Also, try to feel and understand if a particular coach is a good match for your personality. 

Trust but Verify

When you have already gone through the sites and have chosen an excellent trainer for yourself, then you should completely trust him, and follow his instructions. But what factors will help you understand that you made the wrong choice and it is too early to trust?

  • Weather conditions for training are very important. If the coach has not canceled the meeting during a storm, or thunder and lightning, then you should think about his qualifications. Maybe he just doesn't want to lose money. We hope that there is no sense in reminding that it is dangerous and prohibited to stay in the water if it is lightning.
  • Wave sizes during trainingshould be not huge and absorbing. If your coach allows you to train with such waves, you should not think that this is because of your great talent. Every beginner should tackle medium-sized waves. He just doesn't want to cancel the training because of the wind.
  • The lesson should start with theory. The trainer should explain to you how waves are formed and tell you about basic safety. What is more, this lecture should not take place in the water in anticipation of a wave, but specifically on the shore.

Learning to surf with an instructor is faster, safer, and more efficient than learning to surf on your own. Once you've chosen your coach, just trust him (but keep our precautions in mind) and enjoy your ride.

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