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We all had plans pre-COVID that now seems like a distant reality of the past. The last 4 months have been nothing short of shocks for all of us who had planned ahead for a beautiful summer at the beach.

Nonetheless, having spent more than 100 days in quarantine amidst this global pandemic, there is finally light shining at the end of the tunnel.

As the lockdown eases and many countries have fought the disease and eradicated its spread, it is now finally opening public places like beaches, resorts, bars, and restaurants again.

But there is a catch. Even though the lockdown has been eased and people are allowed to leave their houses, SOPs or Standard Operating Procedures are in place. Total sanitization, washing hands, and among others, one significant SOP that diligently has to be followed is to wear a mask.

As people adopt the new norms and follow the guidelines, masks have become a massive part of dressing up for people. FaceMasks have become an essential in many dress codes. From formal and corporate wear to casual, bridal, and even beachwear, masks are now a part of your everyday dress up.

Who would have ever imagined our summer bikinis are now Trikinis. Don’t get it? Let’s dive in!

The Trikini became the new must have high fashion garment after a top fashion model sampled it as a joke.

As three-piece swimwear,the set is complete with a bikini top, bottom, and wait for it, a waterproof face mask. To keep the summer spirit alive amidst the COVID-19 chaos, brilliant idea to maintain social distancing, following guidelines and still enjoying beach vibes.

Behold the Trikini. Now everyday people are rocking Trikini's, and fashion designers are embracing the stylish spirit.



In a report covered by Daily Mail, Scaramuzzo commented about her popular fashion finding saying that this pandemic-friendly bikini was an invention made as a joke with close family members.

According to the best essay writing service UK  Scaramuzzo has reportedly said the idea was to have a picnic sitting at her house and take pictures with her children. She never thought it would be that successful of an idea this soon. Contrary to her beliefs, the Trikini went viral almost immediately as her daughter posted pictures of modeling her mother’s designs on social media.

She says that she found her encouragement as the lockdown eased, and now she is motivated more than ever as inventive three-piece Trikini has become so popular that it is selling out almost instantly.

Even Kelly Ripa is a fan!

During an episode of the Live with Kelly and Ryan show, the talk show host, model, and actress Kelly Ripa couldn’t help but gush about the viral three-piece swimsuit set that she is in complete awe of.

Kelly said that it is a great idea and even her husband (who is filling in for Ryan Seacrest)Mark Consuelos, agreed. The couple decided that not only is it a great idea, but it will look great and help fight the anxiety of going out to the beach.  A welcomed wave of relief for the summer months ahead.


Guest Author Bio: Amanda Jerelyn is currently working as a Lifestyle Blogger at Dissertation Assistance, the best essay writing service UK. She shares her insights and interest in new fashion uptakes and trends on her blogging channel. She gathered a significant number of like-minded audience overtime, who follows her expert opinion.

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