Slyde Art Syndikit Artist Alicia Haberman

by steve watts March 12, 2013

Slyde artist Art Skyndikit Alicia Haberman

One of our Slyde Artists and member of the Slyde Art Syndikit, Alicia Haberman, has done an amazing job with her art and has been awarded with a great collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana

Marcus Kan has been busy working with a handful of the illustrators that he's introduced us to here on Slyde, on the Illustration Project for the Dolce & Gabbana  SS13 collection. This week, it’s Alicia Haberman and Cristian Grossi.

How would you describe the Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2013 collection in 3 adjective words?

  • "Bold" - Rich colors, floral patterns & Sicilian street scenes are anything but subtle. It gives a lot of room to be creative with your look.
  • "Rustic" - Many of the fabrics, especially the burlap & basket weave dresses are used in unique and classy ways.
  • "Retro" - The skirts, and especially the accessories, like colorful scarves and earrings are reminiscent of the 1950/60s.

Your illustration piece for this collection is very interesting. How did you come up with this composition? Is there a specific message you want to emphasize here?

I had a blast making this piece. To me, the composition is like the collection, and the Sicilian marionettes depicted throughout it. It's detailed, whimsical, bright, and still elegant.

To see more of Alicia's work, please check out her stuff here at the Slyde Art Syndikit.

steve watts
steve watts

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