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Europe has some of the best beaches the world has to offer.

The beaches include the ones from France, Spain, Portugal and Greece as they have the best tides for surfing. 

The best option is finding a university nearer to a beach if you are a student and would like to continue body surfing & handboarding, while completing your studies. To help you get started on finding the best universities for surfers in Europe, here is a list of universities that can boost your surfing dreams and turn them into reality.

Swansea University, Wales

Swansea University in Wales is the closest university to the beach you can ever find in the world. The beach is only a walking distance from campus and the university has a very active vibe with a great student lifestyle. A lot of studies are offered in this university and can be considered one of the best places for bodysurfing

Above that, this university has a strong academic reputation with great extracurricular activities. The costs of living around Swansea University are relatively low and there is an accommodation that is managed by this educational institution. 

Universidad Del País Vasco. San Sebastian, Spain

The San Sebastian campus of Universidad Del País Vasco is near La Zurriola beach, which is just a walking distance away from the campus. There are Mundaka and Hossegor, which are approximately an hour away if you want a less crowded beach. 

There are many studies you can choose from at the university, including business, philosophy, and psychology. Other great courses you can choose from include law, medicine, teacher training, fine arts, and sciences & technology. There are other courses you might enjoy while at this university close to the greatest wave breaks in Europe.

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Universidade De Lisboa, Portugal

Universidade De Lisboa is the largest university, with close to 50,000 students and has 18 colleges. The Cruz Quebrada campus is only 10 minutes away from Carcavelos and 25 minutes from Guincho. Students can also travel by train to go surf if they do not have their own cars. 

There is also a farther beach where you can bodysurf called Ericeira with great breaks that surfers enjoy. The costs of living around this university are not expensive but can be quite affordable, depending on your spending habits. 

You can also join a surf club in this Portuguese University that goes on national surfing tours together. The University is quite connected to surfing and you will enjoy studying here.

Universidad De La Laguna. Tenerife, Spain

Universidad De La Laguna, also known as at Tenerife’s University, is one of the best higher education institutions in Spain. The university has a variety of study options that can help students create a strong career that will lead them to success. Those courses include history, geography, IT, law, creative arts, finance and economics, as well as scientific studies. 

Students are allocated at any one of the four main college campuses near the beach where you can Slyde handboard after classes or on weekends. The beach is just 30 minutes away from the campus and it might be closer to where you live, depending on the residency you’re in.

Université De Bordeaux 

Université de Bordeaux is a large French University that offers study options in sciences & technology, liberal arts, humanities & languages, law, economy & management, and medicine. You can also enjoy the most popular studies that this university is well-known for: nanotechnology and agriculture. 

The University is close to 3 beaches that are popular in France including Lacanau, Charentes Maritime, and Hossegor. The closest beach is 30 minutes away and the farthest one is a 1-hour drive. There are many entertainment and public transportation options around this university that students can enjoy during their time here.

The bottom line

These top 5 universities for surfers in Europe offer great academic rigor to students but are also nearby the greatest European beaches. Some of these universities have surf clubs that you can join and go on interesting surfing tours. That can enable you to even pursue surfing as a professional career helping you to earn extra bucks during study time at one of these best universities in the Europe.


Author’s Bio:

Robert Everett is an academic counselor and personality development coach who works closely with students and their teachers to develop dynamic solutions to help them have bright careers. In his free time, he helps students with their academic writing, attends yoga classes and listens to classical music. 

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